• Advisory and strategy services in the tourism sector

    Conception and development of hospitality and tourism projects worldwide

    Sustainable tourism and resilience



    Project structuring

    Project development




    Territorial Development

    Tourism has become a central factor in the appeal of a territory and its ability to attract people, businesses and talent. We offer the following tools to support public sector tourism policies:

    • A strong, future-oriented perspective, based on an approach that combines the realities of the local tourism economy, factors specific to the destination and a very thorough knowledge of markets and their stakeholders.
    • A global tourism marketing approach: it starts with the right choice of market position, the right target audience, the right values and choices when developing products and offerings, the right brand strategy and the right organisation.
    • The capacity to develop proposals into operational plans, thanks to our experience in project structuring.

    Product and market development

    We provide support for the development of products and markets using a turnkey approach for three types of operator:

    • Management teams at chain and independent hotels
    • Managers of public and private recreational and cultural facilities
    • Project holders

    Voltere helps you develop a value chain, using a structured approach tailored to the various areas of your activity:

    • Growth strategy
    • Investment strategy
    • Strategic and operational restructuring
    • Human resource management
    • Transactional support services

    Coordination / animation / participation

    We design and implement suitable participative and dynamic co-construction methods, in order to promote collective intelligence. Applied very early on in the design phase, this approach promotes legitimate solutions that drive consensus among the various stakeholders involved.

    Marketing and communications plans

    The teams at Voltere know how to combine extensive expertise in the hotel, leisure and culture industry with a strong capacity for observation and detailed analysis of different target audiences, on a national, international and local level.

    Our unique position means we can help you develop a marketing strategy that aligns your offering with the characteristics of demand, and assist in developing your marketing-mix.

    We provide the following marketing services for businesses in the tourism and hotel sectors:

    • Market potential studies for new products and facilities
    • Image and e-reputation studies
    • Marketing positioning strategies (including brand definition)
    • Support for product or market diversification
    • Support for multi-channel distribution policy decisions
    • Definition of marketing mix

    We provide these services for accommodation operators (hotels, clubs, etc.), leisure facility and activity operators, and tourist destinations.

    Feasibility studies

    We provide support for an accurate analysis of your projects:

    • Marketing studies
    • Financial projections
    • Analysis of key success and risk factors
    • Project structuring


    Concept / programming

    The success of tourist and cultural facilities relies on correct positioning, an innovative concept that will distinguish it from the competition, but also creativity in terms of layout and operations mix.

    Framing, functional and spatial pre-programming, detailed technical programmes … backed up by specialist skills provided by the Egis group, Voltere can provide support for every element of your project, throughout the development process.

    Legal and financial frameworks

    A successful project needs the right framework, and this is an area that can also require creativity.

    We believe that economic reality needs to take precedence over the legal framework, which can be adapted accordingly. Knowing how to listen to and articulate the parties’ intentions in the short and medium term is essential for building a fruitful partnership over time. We can provide business plans and operations studies to determine the most suitable legal and financial arrangements.

    Operator / investor search

    Voltere has a strong relationship with operators and investors in the hotel, tourism and leisure industries, with whom it has worked for over 20 years. This means we can determine the profiles that match the project’s specific development challenges, the recommendations formulated in terms of strategy and programming, and target audience profiles.

    Voltere works on behalf of public and private clients to find investors and operators using a range of approaches:

    • Identifying operators
    • Preparing project proposal documents
    • Making contact and organising site visits
    • Support during consultations (public or private)
    • Assisting with negotiations

    Assistance to the contracting authority

    Developers, operators, sponsors and investors all rely on our impartial project analysis services.

    Voltere provides studies, project development assistance and project management assistance services covering a wide range of project types:

    • Hotel project development studies
    • Designing tourism facilities and leisure activities
    • Finding operators and investors
    • Assisting in operational deployment
    • Due diligence
    • Supporting local authorities during contractual procedures (outsourcing public services, etc.)

    Our programme recommendations serve as a working basis for architects and as a guide for choosing the most appropriate brands and operators.


    Technical assistance to the contracting authority

    • Technical acquisition reviews
    • Support during the competitive project management selection process
    • Ensuring compliance with operating programme and technical / financial commitments, and with contractual and regulatory obligations
    • Inspections during execution of the works
    • Assistance to the contracting authority during acceptance of the works and commissioning procedures

    Concept creation

    Leisure Factory is Voltere’s innovation lab, tasked with creating new solutions which will become tomorrow’s leisure market, often combining tourism accommodation, leisure, culture, sports and businesses. Leisure Factory assists today’s creative minds in search of real and innovative ideas applied to tourism.

    Turnkey solutions

    Leisure Factory also accompanies project leaders following a project’s conceptual phase in the search for investors, project follow-up, distribution and pre-opening planning.

    Operational optimisation

    In our asset management role, acting as owner representatives, we strive to maximise returns and asset values in the long term.

    Our hotel asset management services include:

    • Conducting a full property review
    • Qualifying existing and/or proposing FF&E and capital improvement/expenditure plans
    • Analysing, reviewing and negotiating annual budget/business plans
    • Providing management team oversight and on-going monitoring of cash flow and hotel operations
    • Recommending and helping to implement initiatives to optimise cash flow
    • Ensuring compliance with management contracts
    • Preparing and distributing required ownership reporting
    • Coordinating asset divestment/investment processes
    • Assistance for the search and structuring of partnerships with hotel operators

    Due diligence and sector-specific valuations

    As an independent expert, Voltere can provide valuations for private investors and investment funds across a number of national and international markets.

    Our valuation services include:

    • Assessment of hotel premises and business assets (Discounted Cash Flows, comparable method, static method)
    • Business expertise during arbitration proceedings
    • Proceedings for accounting purposes – short-form valuations undertaken for a variety of investors, operators and owners
    • Advice on future value, following an assessment of the financial potential of new hotel developments, conversions and recovered existing assets
    • Assistance with rent reviews and lease renewals – acting on behalf of landlords and tenants as well as investors and insurers

    Sustainable buildings and destination projects

    Sustainable tourism development

    Technical and environmental audits

    Carbon footprint analysis


    Environmental certification

    Climate change adaptation

    Planning of preserved sites and natural areas

    Regulation compliance

    Reversibility studies


    Social, economic and environmental impact studies

    Sustainable tourism project management

    Responsible purchasing control


    A dedicated commercial surveying tool : Prospective

    Voltere moderates Prospective, a resource and debate space encompassing the issues pertaining to the future of tourism:
    • An online prospective toolkit
    • A club of active members
    • A dedicated team

    Research and development

    Voltere has engaged in a R&D approach led by an inhouse PhD whose research work and publications focus on prospective studies in the fi eld of tourism and hospitality.


    Since 2018 our team organizes the CITHA forum in Abidjan, Ivory Coast a renowned conference on hotel and tourism investment in Africa, with over 300 participants