• Clotilde Guillebert

    Architect Scenographer

    Coordinator of Leisure Factory Creative Department


    An architect and graduate of the École Spéciale d’Architecture, over the past 13 years Clotilde has acquired a global vision of architectural projects and has put her knowledge into practice on a very wide range of programmes (mixed-use buildings, retail, leisure facilities, animal parks, hotels including immersive accommodation). Clotilde has extensive experience in the following areas:

    • Tourism and cultural project development
    • Design and architectural expression of development projects
    • Design of architectural projects up to execution stage on the French and Southeast Asian markets
    • Coordination and monitoring of construction sites
    • Project management assistance (ARTELIA trained – 3 years),

    Within the Voltere team, Clotilde acts as architect and scenography consultant. She contributes in particular to:

    • Tourism and cultural project development
    • Investment budget programming and forecasting
    • Design of visitor routes (scenography, educational aspects, signage)
    • Design and graphic or architectural expression of development projects.

    Clotilde coordinates activities at Leisure Factory, the Voltere creative department, and contributes to its development.