• Alexia Rioux

    Overseas territories

    Tourism and Environment Expert


    Holding a Masters in Tourism and Environment and a Masters in General and Territorial Administration (Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University), Alexia RIOUX has been an equestrian tourism guide since 2000.
    Alexia has worked in territorial sustainable tourism development since 2003, initially with a Pyrenees ecotourism consortium (France, Spain, Andorra), an association promoting environmental education (France, French Guiana, Madagascar), and a destination management organisation in the Ile-de-France area (Seine-et-Marne Tourisme).
    She has been a consultant in French Guiana and Reunion since 2010:

    1) Strategy studies:

    • Territorial, site and organisation analysis
    • Market studies, strategy orientation and positioning of products, facilities and destinations
    • Definition of concepts and ecotourism development and planning schemes
    • Implementation planning

    2) Feasibility studies:

    • Transverse approach: economic and marketing, functional and technical, legal and financial
    • Coordination / support for multidisciplinary teams (architects, urban planners, landscapers, ecologists, historians, designers, scenographers, graphic designers, lawyers, hotel and real estate experts, etc.)
    • Mix-marketing, programme orientation, management methods, operating forecasts

    3) Operating assistance: definition and formalisation of needs, sourcing, operator search Areas of expertise:

    • Promotion of natural and cultural heritage sites : product design and visitor experience, development and management of sites and facilities, interpretation tools, educational tools for hospitality professionals and guides
    • Nature-based sports and leisure activities, slow tourism, pedestrian, equestrian and cycle routes: discovering rural and protected natural areas, structuring routes and stop-offs, quality and eco-responsibility of activities, conflict of use resolution

    Animation of territories, sectors and stakeholder networks.